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Adventures in Eryk-land

Eryk "Mister Nielsen" Nielsen
3 October 1978
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What can we say about Eryk that hasn't been said already? Tall, charming, slightly spongy, Eryk (or as I call myself, "me") is every woman's dream, if not her destiny. An expert lover, Eryk can also cook in five different languages, and is uncomfortable around people who think quoting Monty Python makes them funny. But don't worry - there's no such thing as too much moxie. Frankly, I can't stand not being able to get enough of that.

Remember, if you need it done on time and right the first time, you probably won't go wrong by not hesitating to ask Eryk what he thinks.. because only he knows what the answer won't be. So hurry! And barely contain your enthusiasm today!

[Prizes may differ from those described. Warranty void where stupid. 1950's announcer voice not included. Not all entries will be considered.. especially those in the bum. Oh snap!]